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How does what you eat affect your results at the gym?

The key to maintaining nutrition, healthy eating, and achieving your fitness goals is finding a meal and workout plan that works for you long term. But how do you keep consistent healthy eating from getting stale? We know monotony is no fun, which is why the team at Green Gym have created 4 weeks worth […]

The Importance of Inclusivity & Accessibility at the Green Gym Group

At the Green Gym Group we pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members, regardless of their physical needs, gender, age, size or lifestyle. By ensuring our space is accessible and inclusive, we hope to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone. At Green Gym Group we have a […]

Be sustainable, use your energy to create electricity

The Green Gym Group is leading the way in green energy initiatives. We use your energy to create electricity while you work out, making it a more sustainable way to keep fit and reduce our carbon footprint. As an innovative gym, we are not only focused on helping people stay healthy, but also on reducing […]