The Importance of Inclusivity & Accessibility at the Green Gym Group

At the Green Gym Group we pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members, regardless of their physical needs, gender, age, size or lifestyle. By ensuring our space is accessible and inclusive, we hope to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone. At Green Gym Group we have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, bullying, or discrimination of any kind. 

Physical Accessibility

Many of our members have limited mobility, and although our current gym is not wheelchair accessible, our plans for future sites will have wheelchair access. To help overcome this barrier for our less abled members, we work with the individual to create a realistic plan on how we can help them enter and exit the building safely, with support, and in a way that makes them comfortable and confident. We prearrange arrival times, have a team member available for support, and always treat them with the care and respect that they deserve. 

Our newest PT Katy (playfitnessandcoaching) is a rehab and lifestyle trainer who specialises in working with clients with chronic illness, disabilities, and in recovery, With the help of Katy and our other PT’s we can create a unique plan for each and every member who requires additional support. Physical health is a right that everyone should enjoy and we will do our best to accommodate this in every way we can for our members. 

Transitioning and Inclusivity

We are Brightonians, and we are proud of our Kemptown community. We believe love is love, and that differences make our city more colourful and vibrant. Inclusivity is at the heart of our ethos and we want our LGBTQIA+2 members to feel welcome, accommodated, and comfortable. 

By seeking guidance from our LGBT+ and transitioning clients we have created private changing spaces within the gendered changing rooms. These spaces allow members to enter the changing room of their gender identity without the pressure of changing in a shared space unless they would like to. We also have gender neutral toilets for all members to use. 

To help all of our members feel safe we have a locked entrance, so noone can enter unannounced, as we want to ensure our gym is a private sanctuary for our members to enjoy. Green Gym is a community of unique individuals who share a safe and welcoming space, where they can work on their personal goals, and be themselves without judgement.

Benefits of an inclusive environment

We recognise the importance of making sure that everyone’s individual needs are met when they visit us. Our Team Members are available to help anyone who may require modifications or assistance in order to make use of our equipment, we can also create unique PT sessions,  and are able to modify our online Work Out Plans and Movement Library.

In addition to creating an environment in which everyone feels welcome, there are numerous benefits to being a member of an inclusive and accessible gym. For starters, it increases overall diversity within the facility which can lead to increased creativity as well as improved safety for all members. It also helps create a stronger sense of community as individuals from different backgrounds come together over a common goal to pursue better health.

Challenges to implementing an inclusive approach

In this age of inclusivity and accessibility, it is essential that gyms create a space where everyone feels welcome, but creating an environment free from discrimination and prejudice is often easier said than done. Additionally, making sure financial cost does not limit access for certain individuals can be another hurdle of inclusivity. 

With the help of feedback from our members, and outreach to local small businesses we do our best to make our membership fees as affordable as possible. We offer group and business rates to help give employees inexpensive access to a members only gym. At GGG, we want to make sure that regardless of your fitness level, age, weight, size or shape, or economic states, we are able to create a space where our members can move their body, get stronger, and feel confident at a price they can afford.

Educating Staff

Our team members are like family and all of our staff have been trained on the importance of positive words, and building training programs designed around the individual. Our team is here to bolster confidence, and build connection with our members regardless of their fitness. It’s our job to help members find joy in moving their body, free from judgement or discrimination based on race, gender identity, size, age or physical abilities. In addition, we help educate members on accessibility friendly equipment to promote a more inclusive experience for everyone who visits our gym.

Embracing Inclusivity

Whether you are a new Mum, a retiree, someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, or an aspiring bodybuilder, Green Gym is for you. We have built our gym around a community of differences with a common desire to feel safe, get healthy, and stay consistent. Our team is here to help you reach your goals, set aspirations, and give you support in whatever way you may need. We want to help you create positive change, improve your wellbeing and build self-confidence in an inclusive sanctuary where you can be yourself.

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If you have suggestions on ways to help us improve our gym and make it even more inclusive, please email us on Or speak to one of our team and we can set up a private meeting over the phone or in person.